Full Frame vs Micro 4:3

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Blatant misrepresentation.

MyDog Is Incharge wrote:

You see it from both sides. Take fingerpainter's apples to oranges size comparisons where he picked larger M43 cameras and compared them to smaller FF cameras. Its easy to cherry pick.

I did not cherry pick. Is there a larger Nikon MILC than the one I showed? I think I picked the largest one. The whole point was to show that the size difference between the cameras in the three year-old video was primarily due to the difference between dSLRs and MILCs, not mostly due to differences in sensor size. The MFT body I used was the direct successor to the one in the video.

The fact is these are different tools. Its like comparing nail hammers to sledge hammers, or sports cars to pickup trucks.

I think you overstate the difference between FF and MFT MILCS.

So you won't see the FF fans mention the great tiny M43 pancake lenses that fit in your pocket,

Yes you will. You'll see them mentioning the rreduced shooting envelope and lackluster IQ.

and you'll see M43 fans talking about about f-stops like they are the same on all systems or ignoring that FF can shoot wide DOF too.

Each system has its advantages, such as M43 has by far the best IBIS around. You might find this important. But fans of each side don't like of admit the benefits of each system. And they ALL get upset when smartphone and small sensor drone images win major competitions and people call them the best pictures they've ever seen.

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