Nikkor Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S $999.95 USD

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Re: Nikkor Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S $999.95 USD

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

As a wildlife photographer mine is pre- ordered - hopefully for the twenty fourth of June as I start a wildlife weekend on the 25th!

Likewise, mine is also preordered.

First deliveries within about two weeks of the official announcement is a new move for Nikon.

Press release said “late June”?

Ricci's initial review of this S version shows a good improvement in resolution compared to the 16-year-old optical design of the F version.

Yes - that such a difference was clearly visible in a video was surprising.

A very close to symmetrical optical design, an aspherical element, twin AF motors and Arneo coating should each help keep optical quality high.

Was there an actual mention of “twin” motors - I only saw “multiple” mentioned.

VR at 4.5 stops is 50% greater than the F mount - though macro novices might need to be aware that the effect of camera shake increases by several stops by one to one magnification.

I expect with the help of VR it will be possible to get pin sharp images hand holding at one to one magnificationI. No way - other than flash - is a sharp image hand holding at one to one normally possible at 1/125 without VR on an F mount body.

Yes - I’ve relied on small flash (SB500) in HS sync mode to freeze motion at higher magnification - more effective VR would be useful.

I can live without compatibility with the S converters.

There must be a technical reason why Nikon didn’t allow Z TC’s to be used - I would be interested in finding out why.  I’ve seldom (actually only 1 time) used a TC on various f-mount micros, but I dislike previously available “features” being deleted without explanation - maybe the beancounters weighed in to make a future MC 200mm more attractive? 🙄

The UK price including 20% sales tax is £999.

My true cost is as follows:

-  996.95     Lens

-    37.58      Shipping (No decent camera store where I live)

-     48.75     State tax


$1083.28     Total

’Hope your lens arrives in time for your Wildlife Weekend”!


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