field macro light improvement options

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Re: field macro light improvement options

As to the double-arm hot shoe mounts, why would that be better than two off-camera speedlights? Seems much more awkward.

The devil here is in the details, since it depends a lot on exactly how close the working space is. I had a relatively meh ring flash, and it's only ok. Kind of weak, not always in the right direction, and hard to manage.

I recently switched to Godox lights and triggers. the TT350 speedlights are quite small. With them I can place them right next to the lens, even closer than my ring flash with adapter was. I've used a snoot to direct light,

Not having the wires or attachment to the camera makes it a lot easier to use these, and the Godox/Flashpoint stuff is of course terrific for other stuff. I use one for HSS shooting of semi-macro stuff like flowers out on hikes. And two TT350s and a trigger is cheaper than the a Meike macro two-flash and trigger, and a better system IMHO.

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