M1 Mac Mini and Deep Prime

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Re: M1 Mac Mini and Deep Prime

mujana wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

With Deep PRIME = 40 and smart lighting, it took 66 seconds to write both TIFF and JPEG.

Sorry I forgot to disable saving JPEG. The 85/1.4 lens module has not yet arrived, so let me wait for it and try again without JPEG save.

Thank you very much! I have to compare with my present iMac.

The photo is from the DPreview sample gallery - I'm sure you can find it.

The lens module arrived. I thought it might improve sharpness around the parrot's eye, but it did not. Maybe it works better with worse lenses? It does a great job with Fuji XC 15-45.

Anyhow the parrot's eye shows why I don't want full-frame: terrible DOF.

Without the JPEG save step, and increasing Deep PRIME to 60, because I still thought there was still too much noise, timing was 64 seconds. Smart lighting, no Clearview.

P.S. It took a long time for GIMP to export the DxO created TIFF to WebP, but when done the lossless WebP was only 16% the size. Maybe ImageMagick can batch convert more quickly. The DxO TIFF is smaller than after LZW compression, hmm.

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