How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

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Re: How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

amlbenilde wrote:

I have recently been into studio photography for almost two years now. I gotta admit, I'm still fairly new to the game of studio photography compared to the more experienced photographers in the field. So please do forgive me if this sounds too beginner

I wanted to achieve this kind of lighting on my next portrait. It boggles me how these photographers achieve this look, considering the sharp edge of the circular light on the background - without the edges getting soft or faded. I assume they utilize a snoot or something. But it's really the sharp edges of the light that I'm a fan of.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance! (reference photo below)

If you want a sharp edge to the circle of light you need a high quality projector attachment with an iris. It's reasonably easy to find one for continuous lights but getting the modifiers to work with strobes is more difficult. These things don't come cheap.

What strobes are you using?

Edited to add:

I'm beginning to think that this was, at least partially ,done on post. The light is in a perfect circle so it the source has to be directly in front of the subject. In all four photographs there is light on the subject outside of the circle, most strikingly on the hat in the top right photograph. I can't see where that light is coming from.

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