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Re: "O" from "Optical"?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

zakaria wrote:

pentax needs only a capable AF system like competitors or better.

And a generally improved performance/responsiveness.

I'm moderately optimistic; I don't expect anything "ground breaking", but we do know there will be a new AF system and we have very good reasons to believe they'll use a new hardware platform, possibly software too (Linux-based like the GR III?).

Pentax has many unique features but no one notice it just noticing the weak af system.

Yeah, the idea is to make it harder to find weak spots, as definitely people will look for them (as opposed to looking at what Pentax could do for us).

Btw what is the serious benefit of getting a hybrid VF?

I can think of only one, that is to use the viewfinder when shooting video.

Anyway, I'm not expecting it in this camera.


With improved sensor low-light performance, the EVF half of a hybrid viewfinder could improve visibility in that circumstance, especially given the relative limitations of an APS-C optical viewfinder (by comparison with a 35FF viewfinder). Aside from that, even a simple extension of the K-1/ii overlay means that the existing viewfinder information could be cycled through to only include the individual shooter’s requirements.

In a 35FF camera, the latter would be even more useful when in optical mode, because of the larger viewfinder. The present K-1/ii overlay is occasionally difficult to discern from the background, so a choice of colour and/or illumination could be helpful.

Regardless of format, in low-light conditions, shooting through the viewfinder in electronic mode removes mirror shock and viewfinder blackout. In tracking mode irrespective of lighting, using an electronic viewfinder also removes viewfinder blackout and increases the potential for faster frame rates. For long focal length lenses using the electronic viewfinder combined with Sensor Shake Reduction helps maintain a stable image through the eyepiece.

All that, without considering video.

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