Been thinking about why the Z mount was made so big

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Re: Been thinking about why the Z mount was made so big

dai7p wrote:

The main reason behind Nikon's switch from F to Z mount, as I see it, is to sale the same set of lenses once again. That's why they at first ditched support AI in newer bodies and AF-D lenses in FTZ later, that's why FTZ costs ridicules 250$ instead of been included for free with any Z-mount camera. They see their main source of the future profits in lenses, not in bodies.

Oh come on... seriously?

Of all the Nikon bashing I’ve seen in the last few months this one is the most ridiculous.

Nikon designed the new Z mount to compensate for stuff they just couldn’t do with the old F mount. The flange distance on mirrorless opens up a whole new opportunity to design some optically fantastic lenses.

An F mount on mirrorless would have included the flange distance to accommodate a mirror that was no longer there - so there would have been a big chunk of nothing in front of the sensor and the bodies would have been considerably thicker.

Similarly, the wider throat allows for optically different designs that weren’t possible on the F.

So far, of the lenses they have released in the S line, they are pretty much all better than their F mount equivalents.

Better lenses. Not the same ones, but better ones. You seriously telling me you don’t want Nikon to make better lenses, and better lenses than is possible on the F mount?


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