Advice before removing IR glass on sd quattro H?

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Re: Advice before removing IR glass on sd quattro H?

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

I think it's easier now. They have two clips on either side, I think one of them is a spring you can push back - what I do is grab the small tab at the top of the dust protector with tweezers, use something else like a small stick or screwdriver to push that tab back and the protector will just lift out. At that point maybe try to click it back into place just so you know what that feels like...
Then you can take it out, holding it by the tab with the tweezers I put it into some folded microfiber cloth so it does not get dust on it while you are cleaning.

I like to clean the camera facing slightly down looking up into the chamber, again to try and avoid dust.

Then putting the protector back you slide one side under the tab that you didn't push to the side to release the protector, and push the other side back down gently so it snaps into place. If it doesn't seem to snap you might have it in upside down or have not slid it into place on the other side quite right.

To me the Quattro protectors feel more robust so there's not as much of a risk of breaking I think.

Thanks. I noticed in the manual they are saying only to blow on the sensor and not use a brush. I guess this is just hysterical and that the sensor is not so sensitive as that.

Must get a pair of tweezers.

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