Upgrade Lenses vs. Changing Systems

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Re: Upgrade Lenses vs. Changing Systems

I am in a bit of the same boat.  My current camera is a D5500.  Most of my photography happens on backpacking trips, and the only two things I wish I had are weather sealing and smaller size.  I have a Tokina 14-20f2, and it does great astro and landscape.  I have an 85 1.8, and it is great for portraits.  The A7ii would be a very modest IQ improvement, but lenses for it are a fortune. (I am still thinking about it with the kit lens and a loxia 21mm for about 2500, but it leaves me without a good portrait option, and less than a stop of improvement in dynamic range.  I have also considered going the other direction, and getting a G9.  I have rented the G9, and it is a JOY to shoot with... after one day, you can make all adjustments with the camera to your eye.  However, it has lower IQ, and is bigger than my D5500.  I am seriously considering multiple cameras... A used D600 to mount my 80-200 f2.8 upon, and an A6000 with 10-18f4 for an almost pocket size landscape shooter.

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