Saw a Fly - Spider Too --- *Macro

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Saw a Fly - Spider Too --- *Macro

A female I think, sawfly. On a favourite eucalyptus tree, where [url=]other sawfly and larva have been found.[/url]

She’s a beauty, isn’t she. Big blue eyes, short antennae and curved pointy mandibles. And see her smile. Sweet little thing …


Where would we be without a little entertainment from our instinctive cousins …

Step into the light. An expressive little creature wanders the tree without a sign of fear, instinctively.

The genius … in a jumping spiders big eyes to see, her spiky legs to catch, clawed feet to grip with …

She dances in front of the lens, staccato gait, and jumps onto the glass for a quick look around.

Elegant and sure-footed on her pad of silk she calls home, for now. From where she patrols to feed.

She looks like she might have babies on the way. But not a thought for the future or past, just being here now.

Mark - -

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