Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

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Re: Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

DarnGoodPhotos wrote:

webber15 wrote:

I honestly don't understand the mentality of the ibis fans...they whinge that Fuji doesn't have it, then when it's implemented in a particularly model, they whinge it's not in "ALL" models - and that's despite the fact there are many who do not want ibis.

What gives!!

It's not that hard to understand. If I were a fan of the size of the X-T20 or X-E3, the fact that IBIS is only in the much larger X-H1 does nothing for me. I don't want an SLR-style camera, so IBIS being only in an SLR-style camera won't satisfy me.

Imo...the XH1 was a priority for Fuji to release something for the ibis "must haves".

Now it's released, ppl still aren't happy, so no, I don't understand.

You buy what meets your needs, and if ibis is such, you have a choice.

On the other hand - I do "get" that you want it in a smaller Fuji body - fine - xt-20 models and/or XE models, but not XPRO or XT4.


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