Cancelling Adobe CC - hours of fun!

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Re: Cancelling Adobe CC - hours of fun!

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Now you are saying that Adobe discriminates against people who do not live in America?

Don't put words in my mouth, were's the word discriminates in my post, different Adobe websites for other continents, different prices as well.

Regards Patsym

I live in Germany and to visit my subscription details page the URL had the schema As a software developer myself it doesn't make much sense from business viewpoint to maintain different sites (and from here code bases) for different regions. Sure text will be translated and prices adjusted but at least for anything else I wouldn't bet on it.

My photography plan is on yearly-contract by credit card. My cancel link shows in url preview cancel-reason in it. And I find it legitime to ask why you want to cancel to improve the service (IF someone cares about it but say they do).

I don't know how the USA the rules and regulations are but in Germany/EU if you make it too difficult to cancel reporting it to the local consumer protection makes sense. Sometimes the companies needs a good reminder for some cash they can't do everything they want.

I live in Thailand and the South East Asia site do not offer a cancellation button. Perhaps a reflection of the very limited consumer protection laws in this part of the world.

The page that should offer cancellation has the message: "To make changes to your plan, please contact support."

Interesting, that it differs so much.

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