Ideas or tips on organizing, saving and culling all these files

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Re: Ideas or tips on organizing, saving and culling all these files

Very interesting thread and comments from all. My 4 cents...

Take few vs. take many shots: depends on your subject, the time available, the objectives for the image you hope to make. I hear how it's better to really study, then only make one excellent image. Best wishes trying to capture a baseball and bat connecting, or that split-second look of pain on a wrestler's face.  When time permits (and the imagined shot is worthwhile), I agree - take it slow and plan every detail. But, every single time, I will fire off 10+ shots during a sporting event (maybe sometimes during a concert) to get that image that's only available for a micro-second.

What to save or discard: I keep RAW images. I first make a copy of every RAW when importing into LR (onto the same external hard drives everybody else uses). Yes, I have a number of them. Once in LR, I ruthlessly delete images with any issues at all and then go through alternately processing and culling by adding stars. Once I'm at three stars, I have sharable images. Four stars are for portfolio consideration. Five star images ARE my portfolio. Adding a fifth star means I need to consider demoting an image already assigned that fifth star.

I only export JPGs to show others (via website, Instagram, email, etc.). I don't feel a need to keep JPGs for myself.

I don't know how to deal with the A9. It is a different animal. I never trusted wide-area auto-focus before, but the A9 seems to nail it 90+% of the time (it does still grab the wrong subject sometimes). So, I am learning to make use of the awesome autofocus capabilities. Maybe I need to learn to love JPGs OOC.

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