ZEISS Batis 2.8/135 APO [ $1,999.00 ] is officially announced...

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Re: Sigma future

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Sony E mount system desperately needs Sigma and Tamron native lenses. Zeiss can only charge these prices in current vacuum.

In your opinion, which will be the added value to have native Sigma FE lenses compared to the current coupled with the MC-11 adapter?

I see two issues with the current adapted Sigma lenses - they are bigger and heavier then they could be since they are designed for DSLRs and the AF would never be as reliable with adapter as native. For Sigma 135 F1.8 Art, for example, this may turn off most of the pro photographers who actually buy this focal prime as they would never trade 1 extra stop for the AF they can not trust.

Do you mean that Sigma should completely re-design all ART lenses to fit Sony FE bodies?

If so, I think it will never happens. Too expensive and, mainly, not sure to achieve the current excellent performances of ART series with adapter.

About AF in some way I may agree with you as I lost very few shots due to not correct AF but nevertheless they are too many.

I'm confident Sigma can totally or partially solve this concern via firmware, lenses and/or adapter.

Sigma is already working on native FE lenses. They said as much in recent interview. And yes, this will be a completely new optical design, taking advantage of short distance to sensor. I would not expect them to simply replicate current Art series, but look intelligently where they can contribute and where they can compete with existing FE lineup.

I hate to disappoint you but I am confident that Sigma will spam FE users from here to eternity and produce a lens for every focal length imaginable.

50% of threads on this forum over the next five years will consist of Sigma users declaring anybody who has bought an FE lens not made by Sigma to be 'insane' or a 'Zeiss/GM fanboi'.

I'm dreading it already.

Sorry to disappoint. I have not found a single Sigma lens, in FE or EF mount, worth buying.

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