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engbert wrote:

noobDSLRuser wrote:

engbert wrote:

The first one at 1/13th second was good for that speed. Here it is before and after shake reduction and no other treatment in Photoshop CC.

I am very sad, and very happy, that you posted this.

I have had Photoshop CC and LR CC..........but I have never once opened photoshop.

I didn't even know this shake reduction tool existed. I am happy because I have learned something new, and I have been inspired to learn how to use PS........but I am crying like a little kid inside knowing how many images I could have saved with this knowledge lol!!! Not to mention some of my best photos that I have posted to 500px........

I tried searching the drawbacks of using this tool but I couldn't find any good data. Are there any side effects?

Can you pull a NEF/RAW file into PS from LR and add this shake reduction, and then back to LR?

In Lightroom you can right click on an image or thumbnail and choose Edit In and then Photoshop, or just hi Ctrl-E. It will then open the image in Photoshop.

Then most people hit Ctrl-J to make a duplicate layer. Then Filter, Sharpen, Shake Reduction. (or Ctrl-Alt-Shift/)

If you like the preview result click OK. You cannot save this result back to the same NEF file in LR. Remember LR does not alter the original file, only saves a set of instructions to achieve the effect you have chosen.

You can save as a Tiff or PSD or Jpeg file. If you use Tif or PSD the result can if you wish be in the LR catalog with the original. You may have to work to find it. Sometimes it will be stacked and you have to unstack it. Sometimes it will be at the end of the file list, and you have to change the display order to Capture Time to make it appear next to the original.

But you cannot save the result in the original NEF as if it were an LR edit.

I don't know of any drawbacks. It just may not be able to fix a really bad image, but there is never any harm in trying. I think they should offer users a bit more info about what is going on, and what the few controls do. It is a bit like a black box - you put the image in one end, and the result comes out and you decide if it is worth saving. You can of course do anything else you want in Photoshop while you are there,

LR is so competent now that I too hardly ever need to go into PS, but it does help occasionally.

THANKS!  Likewise will give this a try!

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