Nikon DLs and buying compacts vs Lenses

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I think they offer more of a truely compact travel option

cast iron head wrote:

These Nikon DL's with bright lenses and covering large focal lengths in a pocketable body raise very interesting questions in my mind. At what stage/price/functionality/capability/weight and pocketabilty levels would it be better to get these than similar focal length and brightness lenses (which are likely to be much heavier)?

Yes the lenses are for forever but digital cameras have already in some people's books or will soon enough reach levels where the additional improvement in the end result photo would probably come from technique than technology particularly for amateurs and enthusiasts.

Personally I tend to take the view that whilst yes you can get a bit smaller with mirrorless or indeed a smaller format your still dealing with a system if you want a decent amount of versatility with multiple lenses and maybe a tripod as well. Something that's beyond one jactket pocket and needs fiddling with the same way a FF DSLR does.

The 18-50 DL is definitely tempting for me as a travel camera when I don't want large prints because it looks like it really could be an entire setup you can keep in your pocket. The range for starters is great for landscape plus is long enough for decent street shooting as well and the aperture(that you can still get good DOF from)plus VR means a tripod is going to be messed a lot less.

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