Coolpix 950 and studio flash

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Re: Coolpix 950 and studio flash

I use an external flash that uses a pc connector (Sunpack 544). The part that you need to connect the camera to is the AS-E900 MULTI-FLASH ADAPTER (mfr# 25068). This has a hot-shoe connection at the end. Then you have to have a hot-shoe to pc connector. I think it's the AS-E15 (not real sure).

With the CP 950, you can only set the aperature, or the shutter speed, not both. When using my external flash, I set the aperture manually, and tell it to force flash on. It usually syncs at 1/60 or 1/45. I also turn the internal flash OFF (through the user menu - not easy to do either...). I'm using a auto-flash, which makes the next part easier.

When using the studio lights, take a light reading, then use the aperature setting and set the camera. All my pictures with the flash (> 5') look great.

I hope this helps.


Jack A. Zucker wrote:

I'm considering purchasing a Coolpix 950 and have a few questions about
it's usage with a manual studio flash...

I assume you can get an adapter to use a standard PC connector with it ?
Can it successfully synchronize with a manual (non dedicated) studio
flash in manual (non TTL) mode ? Can I use the manual shutter speed /
aperture combinations from my flash meter as I would a film camera ?

One usage I'd like to put it to is replacing the polaroid back on my
studio camera which I use to test my flash output, light placement,
contrast ratios, etc. With the difference between the digital rendition
of contrast, light levels, etc., is this feasible or does the digital
sensor have too much latitude to give me proper feedback in that regard ?

Sorry about the naive questions.


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