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Re: X-T1 manual focusing

As promised, I am updating this forum now that the camera and 23mm F1.4 lens have had a trip to Fujifilm's UK service department.

The response from there is that the behaviour I described in the initial post does occur with my kit and also - after testing - proved to be typical of all their X-T1 cameras and lenses. They are forwarding the matter to Fujifilm Japan and hoping that a subsequent firmware update will cure this.

So, is it a problem for the X-T1 user wishing to manual focus at close distance?

My opinion is that it is sufficiently troublesome using the 23mm F1.4 lens that I shall not use the 'to and fro' method of finding the precise focus position - reversing the direction of turn of the focusing ring in the vicinity of my' ideal' position results in an unacceptable focus movement. Instead, I shall approach my 'ideal' position from one direction only. This is quite workable, if sometimes a bit slower.

For the 35mm and 60mm lenses, I find the issue is less of a problem. The option to proceed as with the 23mm lens is always there if needed.

Thanks to all who have done their own investigations, I am happy that some of you did not experience what I have found.

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