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T O Shooter wrote:

Grig wrote:

Hi there,

I just replaced my brand new D610 (came from Nikon as a replacement for D600) with used, but mint condition low click D810E (with a little cash on top and really see the difference in sharpness between my existing D800 and just acquired D800E...

The question is - is the difference between D800E and D810 is kinda the same? If it is - I would probably trade my D800 toward D810 sometime later this year, if not - I will keep it as a backup.

I was totally satisfied with D800 sharpness until I compared them today side by side...

If you compare the D810 to the D800e and find it's sharper, then you'll spend some money to replace the D800. But then you're still not going to be satisfied as the D810 will still outshine the D800e. So that's more money! That's if, and only if, you find the D810 sharper than the D800e. But in reality it's only paper if you don't spend it, so might as well.

But I will tell you this. Sort of unsupported and I'll have a look through some of my D800 and D800e images tonight. My impression is that the D810 images are far sharper than anything I've shot with either of the other two bodies. Whether it's the sensor, the lower vibration from the shutter ( I hate tripods so generally handheld ), I misjudged AF fine tuning on the 800 and e - I just don't know. But I can crop so deep on the LCD and still have sharpness that the red rectangle is no longer a rectangle; it's a line. And I can crop so deep on the monitor that it amazes me after shooting D8x0 series for almost 2.5 years.

I don't know whether or not you've aligned your D800 and D800E but I can tell you that both have had numerous reports of the AF(viewfinder phase difference) needing fine tuning. That is also my experience with the D800E. On the other hand, the D810 seems to have the AF nailed, or at least greatly improved - as far as I've read.

The only way you should compare the innate sharpness of these cameras is to do all of your testing in LV, zoomed, manual, tripod, mirror up, fast enough shutter speed. Then you will know whether or not the D810 is really sharper than a D800E.


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