If Nikon doesn't deliver at Photokina … I'm jumping ship

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If Nikon doesn't deliver at Photokina … I'm jumping ship

I was tremendously frustrated when Nikon failed to offer a roadmap when they introduced the D800 and ignored the need for a D700 replacement altogether. I was disappointment by the high price tag for Df, which is, to say the least, a strange type of camera - trying to hard to be retro at the expense of handling and functionality.

For my day-to-day needs I have already bought the Fuji X-Pro 1 which I must say is surprisingly good for such a small cam and if I were to upgrade would definitely go for the X-T 1.

If Nikon sticks to just having a 36MP camera this fall and doesn't get anything out in the category of the 5D Mark III (24MP with fantastic video quality and handling), and doesn't properly address the Mirrorless threat, I'll be off-boarding Nikon as quickly as possible.


1. In the long run I can only trust Canon for my high end 35mm needs - as they provide a clear roadmap for their cameras

2. For my small camera needs - both Canon and Nikon have failed big time. But if one of the two will eventually catch up - I'm pretty sure Canon will be the one to address the issue properly, rather than with a half-ar**d solution as the over-priced Df. So I'll stick with Fuji

3. Sony for the time being is a bit of funny beast. The lenses are just way too big for the camera - the handling becomes awkward at best and making the complete system not really that small… in which case I rather stick with DSLR than go Fullframe Mirrorless. However if Sony or Fuji or someone else comes up with a Fullframe system that is small, well then…

4. Needless to say that the D600 had major quality issues and the body cripples functionality.

5. And D300 users are waiting for an upgrade since 2005 (?) which really isn't exactly providing me with a lot of trust either.

I don't understand why Nikon or Canon cannot do it like Apple.

Apple gives you three bodies as well: the Air, the Pro and the normal Book. Depending on your needs you choose how much space and RAM you want and then you get a laptop that suits your needs…

Why not have a D4, D800, D600 (and the same in the DX and Mirrorless section) and then you can choose wether you want:

- a 36 MP sensor,
- a 24 MP sensor or
- a 16 MP sensor
With their various advantages and disadvantages? I personally would probably go for a 16 MP D800, and if I needed a more high res camera I can always get a second body …

TL;DR: Nikon has been a disappointment in the past 3 years, with unclear roadmaps, unaddressed needs and quality issues. If they can't address these issues by Photokina .. I'm switching to more reliable partners.

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