mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

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Re: mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

Pedal2Floor wrote:

A few things

1) Your phone is mostly subsidized. If your company is getting you a phone, you more than likely paying zero. Those screens and those electronics at the size your suggesting are not cheap and would not make cameras smaller but larger because we still need physical buttons to be efficient. if you want to pay another $600 + for your camera, then those big screens would be great

2) Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS SHOULD be part of cameras by default. This would go a long way in allowing integration with cell phones. They problem as always with Japanese, they will make and use proprietary protocols and crappy apps. I look at the crap that is IO.Share and scream 'WHY!" They need to make an open API that would allow ANY developer to create ANY app. Just provide the necessary API and let developers do what developers do best.

Totally agreed onespecially the GPS; I don't see how the bluetooth would be useful with WIFI available now.  And again agreed on the app needing to be open to all.

3) Tethering -- really, why does Olympus not understand this very SIMPLY feature. Allow me to tether to my PC, to my Microsoft Surface, iPad or Android Tablet. Both wireless or via a wire. Why is this so hard?

In the latest update this has more or less been accomplished - you can use your tablet to control all aspects of the EM-1 / EP-5 - I haven't tried it yet with the latest firmware but I see this as done already.

I do hope they allow uncompressed video out through the HDMI channel - I thought this was available seeing the initial EM-1 video showing its insane 5 axis capability in video.  Alas not to be.

4) Japanese camera companies -- all of them -- do not understand workflow of a photograph. They believe that everything should be proprietary and then do not put enough resources to make it better. If, like the cell phone companies, they create a set of public APIs then instead of using their limited resources and develpment staff, they would have a whole world of smart developers that would add value to the platform. This is a good analogy. Is the value of the iPad or iPhone or Android phones or Windows Phones the hardware/ Or it the 1 million + apps available for each of those platforms? Japanese camera companies SUCK a software, get out of the software business and create public APIs for independent developers to do their thing. I have personally had discussions with Olympus about this as I am software developer and they simply DO NOT GET IT!

5) In the case of Olympus, the ART Filters are a waste of time and feature. Nobody buys their cameras because of the ART Filters and on the long list of things that people want, it is at the bottom of the list. I am sure there are considered a way to have photo editing features like cell phone, except they are slow and do not work well. If they had a Filter API that developers could create and then allow a means for users to download their favorite filters via an Olympus Market Place, this would be far be than what is available to us today.

In short, there are some things the camera makers could learn from cell phones. But the Japanese camrea makers only look to their own backyard for ideas, are closed minded and are living in the 70s -- their insular culture makes it almost impossible to make better products outside of the body and censor.

While all the camera companies continue to loose money, they all believe by doing the same thing that does not work will somehow make it better at some point -- that is insanity!

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