Is this forum quietening down?

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Re: Is this forum quietening down?

One thing people seem to have missed is social media, facebook and google+ are quite active for pentax users and other comunity groups and a lot of people seem to use that sort of thing now over forums.

I would love to post more pentax pic's, I have a nice one I will post soon but I've been shooting more with my dp3m lately and starting to get really frustrated with my k5, I was shooting a 100th birthday party the other day and I trusted MF with my old primes over the AF with my 16-50 :(.
A k3 would be nice but I just don't have the funds.

Anyway I'm sure things will pick up and if Pentax ever make a FF camera there will be a lot of buzz but there are lots of good options out there now that are rather tempting so they have there work cut out.

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