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Re: That shows that the lens is worth more than that pixel density.

Silverback1988 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Of course 36mp > 21mp to have more resolution.


I don't know if there such a worst lens that isn't worth to use it above 5DII's pixel density.

If such a lens is exist, then it's little (or zero) benefit to use 36 MP sensor over the 21 MP one.

So I think max resolution is a combination between sensor resolution and lens resolution.

The actual, aka, perceptual resolution is less than sensor resolution affected by many factors, sensor crop format, lens...larger sensor format, better lens, less loss in resolution.

Of course other factors could affect the resolution : camera shake, focus, diffraction, etc.

Belong to areas of better techniques.

Though 12 MP is already plenty for most application (or situation), for most people.

Yes for those Facebook and regular family photos.

I am using G1X (not the mark II) myself, and I believe its max resolution is less than 12 MP.
But I know that you are not in the most people category,

and that's a compliment, Peter.

Thanks. At this moment 12mp is not enough for me. 22mp is OK as I only have 2650x1440 resolution monitor at this moment, but 36mp is ideal when I own a 4K monitor as usually 50% of crop has the best displaying quality.  When one day there is a 8K monitor, then even 36mp is not enough and want a 54mp then.

I know that you are stitching, I consider you are not satisfy with current camera's resolution can give you, at least not in one shot picture.

Not really for resolution but for UWA and pano purposes. There is no lens can record such wide angle near 180 degree with reasonable resolution and virtually without distortion. I have lots of pano photos to be processed in my recent central EU trip.


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