Purchase a warranty?

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Ed B
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Re: Purchase a warranty?

lysiajoy wrote:

Thanks everyone! Quite an eyeopener. Here's some new info to consider... I'm going to purchase a NEX-6 through Amazon Warehouse - it's used in very good condition, has been repackaged. Amazon couldn't tell me whether the manufacturer's warranty would still apply. I called Sony and they basically said if you don't have the original purchaser's receipt they only cover it for 90 days. I asked if there's a way to extend the warranty and he quoted me $50 for 2 years. If I love & decide to keep the camera, I'd be nervous with only 90 days of coverage. Sooooo......

$50.00 for a two year extended warranty from Sony, on a used camera?

I'd jump on that deal in a heart beat.

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