Monitor suggestion?

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Re: Monitor suggestion?

Thank you all!!!

I did calibrate the monitor in a dim room and Spyder 3 pro wanted the brightness brought down to 80 which I did, but the prints were still dark.  The contrast within the VP903b shows 70 and the brightness is at 72 as well, so I made those adjustments while profiling.  I also profiled again using different lighting and the prints were still dark.

I am using Inkjetfly CISS system for my printer, Epson 1400. I profiled the prints on the paper I use which is Costco. I disabled all the drivers in startup menu. I DO think there might be a conflict somewhere as when I printed the print in Spyderprint using the new profile, the quadrant printed rather well, I don't know where the conflict could be coming from I use the following if printing in OTHER than Photoshop.  If printing in Photoshop then I disable the print in Epson.

Paper: Premium Glossy

High Speed: Off


Driver CM Basic

Input Profile SRGB IEC61966-2.1  (However I have tried Adobe RGB 1998 as well

Intent Perceptual, I have tried others

Printer Profile:  The name of my profile that I saved.

I just don't understand why these prints are so dark. In Spyder print I used the "patch" setting so I could go very slow to make sure I hit each mark.

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