Best current camera phone, period

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Best current camera phone, period

Awesome product, if you like photography this is the phone to buy.

OS : Was worried because it runs on Windows Phone 8 (Amber version) but honestly I like it better than my iPhone iOS6/7, faster, sleeker, can reach all apps with my thumb quickly.  Like the tiles, not so configurable as Android but better than iOS.  Very happy with it.

Apps : Most apps out there, any OS, are basically junk.  So when you read reviews saying this OS has only 400K apps while that OS has 1000K, it really makes no difference.  This Nokia comes with lots of good apps already build in.  Been using it for 5 months and didn't buy a single app ! Music player could be better, but Nokia's Radio Mix is great.  Shazam, FM radio, it's all there.  Photo and video editing, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter and built in updated Skype awesome.

Camera : Simply the best current one.  Xenon flash is not as powerful as a good point and shoot camera, also you have to adjust the white balance manually so don't end up with yellow tones but hey you can actually manually set the white balance, ISO, shutter speed, exposure bias and focus, even infinity focus which I can't do with my other proper cameras !  Image quality is almost excellent. Only cons are dynamic range (tendency to clip the whites), have to be careful with exposure in high contrast scenes, and average focus sharpness, lens are fast and fixed aperture so having a good DOF with sharp images from the front to the back is quite difficult, 100% crops put it in evidence.  However, my HS20 and HS50EXR are not that sharp either plus they have more processing artifacts in their JPEGs than this phone which is pretty amassing for a phone.  I'm using my phone more than my proper cameras now, the camera grip accessory delivers extra battery, secure grip and standard tripod thread plus it's easy to remove.  Ability to crop and re-crop your his-res 36/38MP images into 5MP oversampled ones is really useful.  Lens is really fast, good news for low light photos, again better than HS50 for that too, but can produce lots of flare against direct strong lights, also can show a bright spot anomaly in some cases.  Were is not so good is for macros, HS50/20 give better pictures and can focus really close, but this phone allows to crop a 36MP photo so if there is plenty of light you should have no problems with macros.  Built in camera apps have been more than enough for all my photos and still exploring them, many options, some are very creative.

Check my gallery I have an album for Nokia1020 photos with examples of flares, 'bright sphere anomaly', macros, panoramas which are the best in class putting P&S cams panoramas to shame.

This is the camera that is with me all the time, excellent for social events photos, very good for landscapes, good for macros. Not so good for sports it's too slow for that, although it can be do with Nokia Smart Camera app but is a hit and miss thing with the long shot to shot times.  Videos are awesome with excellent sound quality and good stabilization.

iPhone 4S and 5 photos are a joke compared to what this Lumia can do, just go for it if you like photography.

I give it 4.5 stars just for it's slow shot-to-shot specs, hope the next version comes with a quad-core processor that fixes that.

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Nokia Lumia 1020
Announced: Jul 11, 2013
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