Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: No Walt, the topic is A mount...

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There was only One Titanic... there are hundreds of thousands of A mount users and gear out there. I dont think they are about to bail on all those that represent brand loyalty.

They bailed on a700 and a900. It would be more a case of another repeat rather than a first time. Brand loyalty buys you nothing with Sony.

...sorry Walt, but the topic of this thread is A-mount, not your well-documented preference OVF/flipping mirror. The OP actually stated"I don't care if the future A mount bodies have the translucent mirror or not."

The topic is what is happening to A mount, that includes it's history. Because the history contains where Sony is going.

OK, re-write the topic of the OP, what ever suits you to engage in the endless crying about OVF/EVF.

The Alpha 700 and Alpha 900 were both excellent A mount cameras that are still excellent cameras and were also ALPHAs.

Yep, I owned an a700 and an a850, which I considered to be the replacement for the a700...

Even if you wish to belittle the most used advanced camera design, the DSLR with it's OVF

Haven't belittled the design, only the years of tears over it's evolution...

is what most pros use most of the time,

Is that the criteria you use to judge what's the best equipment, Walt ?

not cameras that are evolving to imitate cell phone cameras.

Who is doing the belittling (of SLT/EVF) now??

Had you paid attention

...more condescension; oh well, I guess I really didn't expect any better. Years ago (8 or 10) I looked up to your wisdom and even sought it out a few times. But, you've really gone sour over the technological evolution; haven't seen a positive post from you in years. I just don't understand all the negativity. You and I have both been at this a long time, coming to A-mount via Minolta film days. Throughout all these years (decades!) I still see the glass half full, with lots of opportunity ahead, while you're seeing the glass emptied out squeezing every last drop out of a pile of a700's, refusing to accept the advancement of change (not knocking them, fantastic tools, I had a great run with mine! ...then I moved on).

My whole point for posting is, I'm not looking/needing to upgrade for the foreseeable future, but when I do, and if the sky really comes crashing down on the Sony A-mount SLR/T that we know today (as you doom/gloomers predict)... if worst case scenario is popping on an E-mount adapter to keep using all that great Minolta/Sony G/CZ glass on an advanced mirrorless, higher-MP, cleaner IQ system (that will evolve from this already quite advanced a7/a7r)... so what??? Can you imagine getting mirrorless 36+MP with clean higher ISO, compared to the a700 (eliminates your crop factor issue with FF shooting wildlife, and then some)? With the same lenses you own now??? That really sounds like a tragic conclusion to hypothesize over and cry about .... or does it?

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