What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: some additional info on the d7100 AF

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I just found this thread on another site, that was posted by an avid soccer shooter. He is not happy with the 9pt dynamic AF performance for soccer shooting. That poster also has some comments in this thread that you may find interesting.

This is the kind of action that is similar to what I'd normally test, but I've not been able to do so with the d7100 yet.

Interesting thread where he concludes that the D300 handles soccer playing tracking noticeably better than the D7100. I know there's a lot more to AF performance than just which focus part the camera has. This seems to indicate that even the ancient D300 has more focus horsepower than the D7100 (at least in the hands of this soccer photographer). The inverse is probably why the D3/D3s focuses better than the D300 too.

The focus processing probably has a lot to do with it. Which goes with what another poster was saying below, re D3 focusing being tops.

Less money = cheaper processing.

Goes along with my motto, used pro level equip is better than new consumer equip, if the money is similar makes it easier to choose.

Yeah, I really wish there was a way to know how much "focus horsepower" a camera has without just trying to rely on anecdotal info from shooters. For example, does the Df really have the same focus system as the D610? Or is it more powerful? Does the D7100 really have the same focus system as the D300?

It sure would be useful to buyers for Nikon to provide some sort of grading system for the AF system so buyers who shoot things that move could be better informed in selecting the right system. If the higher level cameras really are better, then I would think this might actually boost sales of the higher level cameras because those who care would want the better system.

But, right now, you don't really know if you get more for your money in AF or how much more. I'm thinking that they could provide some sort of focus points per second that the camera can process at x EV of light or y level of contrast and light. I know the D300 does better at 9 focus points than at 21 in low light and that is presumably because whatever processing power it has gets too busy when there are 21 points to process and the light is low.

Without objective tests this is currently not possible. The lens also needs to be taken into account.

The D7100 focuses and tracks as well with my 80-400vrAFSG as any of my primes with my D800. Put it on my 300mm f2.8vr1 and older generation lens and it focuses quickly and accurately but doesn't track as well. Works much better with my current generation 500mm f4 though.

I assume that lens focussing algorithms improve in tandem with their generation camera ones.

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