What's so special about the rangefinder shape?

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Re: What's so special about the rangefinder shape?

shigzeo ? wrote:

I have the X-Pro 1. I also have a Canon P (a real rangefinder), an Olympus trip (a real fixed-lens rangefinder) and a Yashica Electro 35 (a real fixed-lens rangefinder). I am borrowing a Leica M9 (a real rangefinder).

The latter shoots completely different to the X-Pro. When I go to Yodobashi and look at the lenses for the X-Pro, I can't help but notice their shape: they are SLR-style lenses (aperture ring aft, large focus rings in the front).

If the rumoured SLR-shaped X camera really does hit market, why will you dislike it, or why will you not dislike it? Remember: your lenses are SLR lenses. And if you use adapted lenses, you have to use your X-pro exactly like an SLR. The X-E1 has nothing at all in common with a rangefinder. For all intensive purposes, it is an SLR style camera like a Pen from the 1970's but with an off-set viewfinder.

Personally, I welcome an SLR shape. The current one is all just a rouse. If you use the X lenses, you kind of get the 'rangefinder' experience, but only insofar as you use the optical viewfinder. Interaction with the lenses, the behaviour of the camera/lens connection, the aperture chatter- that's all SLR stuff.

If Fuji made an X-Pro with a PIP overlay in the OVF so that manual focus could be done whilst looking through the OVF, I would see a reason to keep the 'rangefinder' style. But then, I would seriously take issue with the current lens design. Until they do, however, the X is just a fun wannabe that has none of the substance but all of the cheap flare.

BTW, it is way funner to use than the Sony a7r.

I prefer a brick shaped body to one with a ridiculous grip.

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