Bright longer focal length lenses for a NEX camera?

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Re: Bright longer focal length lenses for a NEX camera?

teseg wrote:

I'm really looking for 85mm - 200mm+ focal length coverage at a bright aperture (f/2.8 and wider) for my NEX 5N. I know no native lenses exist like that. What lens or lenses + adapters would be recommended to meet my needs?

The alternative is I have been considering the RX10,

You may stop considering RX10 as it's only 16-133mm F/5 in APS-C equivalent. You may wait for Sony 18-105mm F/4, which should be available in December. It looks like a good quality lens with very convenient range and decent f/4.

but since I have a 5N, I'm having a tough time justifying the need for a new body when (potentially) a lens or lenses can address this need at a potentially similar cost but with a camera with a much better (or at least bigger) sensor.

I welcome your suggestions to meet my need (lens name, focal length(s) covered, aperture, adapter recommended for e-mount, estimated cost). The ability to AF with the lens/adapter would be a nice bonus.

One very good manual lens I found last year was Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5. It's rather small light lens with exceptional image quality. Great for outdoor shooting. Coupled with focal reducer it becomes 55-110/2.6 lens, great for indoor shooting. It's probably goes for under $100 used on ebay. Check Matt Durr review .

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