Olympus Stylus1 24-300mm 1/1.7" sensor

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Re: 2.8 constant aperture, after all! _ And Only $700.

John McCormack wrote:

The price for f/2.8 throughout will be US $700. from what I've read.

I can't see how this camera can compete for a birder's attention when the FZ200 (smaller sensor, of course) gets you f/2.8 all the way to 600mm. However, if the size and weight and specs. are good, then this could be Jack-of-all-trades travel camera.

Yep, a jack-of-all-trades travel camera is what Oly's after on this one. No way is it for birders. If the IQ is significantly better than all the pocketable 20x travel cams on the market, it'll probably do well.

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