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Ed B wrote:

marike6 wrote:

1drey wrote:

XE2 is not good enough to replace my DSLR for serious event and reportage photography.

You must have extremely demanding needs, because I keep reading about a number of photographers using the Fujifilm X cameras for all kinds of events.

For example, Nasim Mansurov talks about how he's now using the X-E1 alongside his D800 at weddings. He and his second shooter are both using the X-E1 (not the updated X-E2) for the reception.

Read about his experiences at weddings here and how he's replaced his EM-5 with the X-E1.


I get that the Fujifilm X system is missing some popular DSLR lens equivalents common at events like the 70-200 f/2.8, but to suggest that the unreleased X-E2 cannot replace a DSLR for event shooting is a little premature considering nobody has even shot with an X-E2 yet.

The 16 mp X-Trans sensor has terrific high ISO performance, and with addition of PDAF, low-light AF should be more than adequate for event shooting and reportage. If the focal lengths needed to cover an event are available in X Mount, I cannot imagine why the X-E2 wouldn't be up to the job.

I have to agree with you. I don't want to criticize anyone because there are many great photographers and knowledgeable people here, but I think some people get carried away with their "needs" and with what they expect from a camera.

With the exception of fast action sports I see no reason why the X-P1/X-E1 wouldn't be a good tool for almost any situation.

I've shot a lot of weddings and, in the digital world, used either a Canon 10D or a Canon 40D. I used the 10D when it was a fairly new camera, and considered very good, then switched to a couple of 40Ds when that camera came out.

I had no complaints about those cameras (they did what they were supposed to do) but have to say the image quality of the X-E1 is better and that the low light/high ISO capability of the X-E1 is much better. I have very few complaints about Fuji cameras and have never had autofocus problems in low light. Naturally, I don't take pictures in the dark so maybe I've just never pushed the X-E1 beyond it's limit. Auto focus speed isn't the fastest but it's certainly fast enough for any situation that doesn't include fast action.

I'm not saying the Fuji twins are the "best" cameras out there because they're not; they do require a little closer attention, to what you're doing than some cameras, but the X-P1/X-E1 are excellent and I agree that some people are being unreasonable with their desires and expectations.

Totally agree. And you are talking about the X-E1. The X-E2 which 1drey is rejecting before the first unit hase even shipped, should have a considerably more robust AF system. The only Fujifilm X camera I tried with Fujifilm's new PDAF algorithm was the X20, and in low-light it rarely missed locking on to a subject, and really was about as good a my Nikon 1 V1 in terms of AF performance.

Nasim Mansurov in the above link talks about how accurate the Contrast Detect AF is on his X-E1, which is one reason he like it for wedding receptions.  When you get a chance, it's worth reading (See link above).  My new X-E1, which I've only had for 2 days, rarely has let me down for general photography.  And I can only imagine the X-E2 is even better than the X-E1 with the latest firmware.

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