iPhone 5s is in the DPReview studio database! & a quick comparison to the 1020

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Re: iPhone 5s is in the DPReview studio database! & a quick comparison to the 1020

BTW, I've created two very interesting comparative crops, now, using another region of the original DPReview test chart: the three-colored text on the top center.

This is the print-res (the 38 Mpixel 1020 / 13 Mpixel GS4 shots downsampled so that they can be directly compared to the 8 Mpixel iPhone 5 / 5s shots) comparison between the four top smartphones:

The two iPhones deliver pretty much the same, legibility-wise. The iPhone 5 applies a little more sharpening because of the stronger NR, which makes text a little bit less readable. However, the difference is negligible.

The GS4 fares significantly better than the two iPhones and, as was easy to predict, the 1020 delivers the best results. With the latter, approximately the first eight rows of the text can be read, while with the iPhone 5s, about the first three and, with the GS4, about the first six. The iPhone 5 fares the worst in this test because of its aggressive sharpening – it's not possible to safely read even the first three rows.

With this text, it's REALLY worth checking out the resolution advantage of the full-res shoot. This is the full-res comparison between the four top smartphones:

As you can see, it's only the last three rows of the text that can't be read – a much-much better result than even that pf the GS4, let alone the two iPhones.

That is, this test definitely shows the 1020 has much better effective resolution in low(ish) light than any of the three other phones. (Again, all this when using the native, full-res image.)

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