What are the pros/cons of the a77? Is it worth buying?

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Re: What are the pros/cons of the a77? Is it worth buying?

RoxanneY wrote:

Thank you all for sharing. Am I correct in believing that the photos that the a77 takes is much better than what I'm getting from the a550? I really love my a550 and can't ever see parting with it. (I still have my a350 neatly packed away.) It's good to know that the a99 handles like the a77 and vice versa. It's funny, but after having the heavy a99, the a550 feels too light. I don't think I'll take advantage of the video much in either camera. I just want a camera that takes good photos.

One thing that is holding me back is that I've heard that the a77 is not very good in low light. What exactly is low light? Is it defined somewhere? I am going to need to use it w/o flash in choral concerts sometimes. I did it before with the a550. Will the a77 be just as good or better?

Thanks as always for your help!


Well low-light performance usually refers to how noisy a sensor is at higher ISOs. Generally, in low-light you need to up your ISO to get usable shutter speeds. So cameras with better performance in low-light can generally be set to higher ISOs than those that don't perform as well.

Full frame cameras generally able to use higher ISOs than APS-C cameras before becoming to noisy. That being said, don't expect to use the same ISOs you do on the A99 and get the same result.

At the very least the A77 should be able to let you use higher ISOs than your A550. I shoot at rock type shows a lot and use anywhere from 800-3200 ISO on my A77. The A57 is supposed to be the best APS-C SLT for low-light performance, but I don't think the A77 is horrible. If you were able to use your A550 for choral shooting, the A77 should be just as usable, but probably better.

The A77 has a better articulated LCD, Auto ISO adjustment, AF micro adjust, more bracketing options, higher fps, and more dedicated buttons compared to the A57. But if I had to go with any other APS-C SLT than the A77, I'd go with the A57. I don't know how big of a difference the A57 and A77 are with high ISO though. Either of these will be a huge improvement over the A550.

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Good luck and happy shooting!

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