EM-1 HDR function

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Re: Same as E-PL5/E-PL6/E-PM2/E-P5

Neurad1 wrote:

Vasyl Tsvirkunov wrote:

Somehow I missed that point -- I have E-M5 so these cameras did not interest me as potential upgrades. E-M1 is another story, really tempted to make a jump. The only thing that stops me is no preorder on the kit in the US -- I will definitely be getting the new 12-40. The primes are excellent but there are situation when a zoom is required and 12-40 seems to fit the bill.

I'm waiting for the kit, too. I am surprised how many DPReview posters I've heard say that....I wonder if Olympus is listening.......

I think the reason they're not offering the kit just yet is because they seem to be offering the body first, as early as the first week of October.  The lens availability is less certain ranging from late October to December.  And a kit of the two would no doubtedly ship when the lens is available as a stand alone, so maybe not until December.

I myself couldn't wait that long, sure I would love to save $200, but at least for me because I don't have the MMF-3 adapter, to get that free with a purchase of he body is good enough for me.  I'm sure if you already have the adapter you would be more upset of the price difference.

The better question should be, would you be ok with saving $200 but having to wait until Decmeber to get it?

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