(1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

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Re: (1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

There is a real danger using Av mode indoors if you don't understand it. If your ISO is too low and you lock the aperture which is what Av is all about the shutter will adjust itself to keep the light meter centred. You can wind up at 1/15 or slower depending on the conditions.

There are a few options. Putting the camera to manual for indoor shooting is preferable. Here you can set your shutter and aperture independently regardless of ISO. The flashes job is to expose the subject.

If you shoot in Av pay attention to the shutter speeds and raise the ISO as needed to get the shutter speed up.

In both cases rule of thumb is to have the ambient exposure at least two stops underexposed - no less. This gives you a nice balance between flash and ambient. In other words your subjects don't look nuked. Of course this all depends on the light, how high you are wiling to go with the ISO   and the speed of your lens. If you need to be more than 2 stops underexposed then you have to work with that.

The thing about Av if handled properly gives you almost enough light for an exposure so the flash just tops it off, kinda like a fill. You get nicely lit backgrounds that make the subjects even look better.

I use Av outdoors and M indoors. I have a 5D3 and and a 7D. I have no issues shooting 6400 with  my 5D and will go up to 3200 with my 7D but prefer 1600.

Here is a link to a forum I posted when I had a 5D2. Todays high ISO capable cameras have change the playing field.


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