Advice: Sony SEL 50 1.8 or Sigma 60 2.8

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Re: Advice: Sony SEL 50 1.8 or Sigma 60 2.8

I have the same initial setup as you (SELP1650 + SEL55210.) I have a very active kid (she can't stay at one spot for more than 2 minutes) I have been tried both SEL35f18, SEL50f18. both of them delivered excellent IQ, sharpness. However, both suffered in chasing my kid into focus. Especially in low light situation, with my slow hands and camera slow AF, I couldn't keep up with my kid and turned out that majority of the shots were blurry. SEL50f18 also is very slow focus when in low light condition which defeats the purpose of having the lens @ F1.8 (it is excellent with static, non-moving objects)

So, I returned both of the SEL and I am ordering LA-EA2 + SAL35f18 or SAL50f18 or 1.4. I tested out at the local Sony store using LA-EA2 + SAL35f18 and the result was AWESOME. I let my kid actively roaming around the shop and I could quickly capture clear, sharp shots at a low light corner of the room. Somehow, I found that LA-EA2 rested nicely in my support hand (left), I was able to hold the camera and focus better in DMF/Manual mode. It maybe bulky to some photographers but I didn't find it bulky, instead it's comfy and providing more grip to the lens/camera.

Also, 50mm will give you very tight working spots unless you have a big house.

I just wanted to share my experiences with those lens. Maybe I am not skilled enough to use them efficiency as others.

Just my 2 cents.

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