Why I love my D200

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Re: Why I love my D200

olliess wrote:

Stacey_K wrote:

One last time, here is my origonal D200 image along side a second D7000 image that was exposed -.3EV below the first one you keep saying over and over is "-.3 over exposed' and we simply don't know how to operate a camera. Do these look the same to you? IMHO it still has the same saturation problems the first "over exposed" one does but in addition, simply looks flat and lifeless now.

I see a difference. Would you mind if I played around with these and possibly repost (exposure) adjusted versions?

Sure at this point I could care less, I'm done with this conversation after this post.

So now what exposure problem do you see? Trevor said the original was shot .3EV over exposed (you agreed), now this one exposed -.3 EV of that other isn't right either? Good grief there is no pleasing you guys until you photoshop them yourselves (doing who knows what) till they are close and then you find some excuse about how something about it was shot wrong.

I will say about any PP image, we have no way of knowing how much PP has been done. Given had badly you two guys want to prove this wrong, I honestly don't trust a "Oh I just moved the ev slider .3 and Bingo, looks just like the other!" Trevor did this and his "simply adjusted by .3EV shot" looks nothing like the shot that was actually out of the camera exposed .3EV under. I know that I have done zero PP to any of these.

The issue I have with all of this is I do some outdoor event photography. I sometimes have hundreds of images to deliver and I need good OOC jpegs that I can simply give them with minor PP (if any). I don't have time to micro adjust the exposure checking the histogram, the people have walked away by the time I am reviewing the image. Many times I am shooting so fast I can't even check the images till later.

I find with the D7000 the OOC jpegs rarely are deliverable, there is no RAW "batch" setting that will make all of them -all- look good when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight either. I can adjust one image, if I apply this same adjustment to another that was shot in slightly different color temp lighting, or the people are wearing different color clothes (esp wearing red) etc, that requires a different adjustment. The D200 seems to just hit the shot with OOC jpegs. For low light indoors shooting, the D200 doesn't even come close to what the D7000 can do. I find each has their strong points and I'm not sure why you two are obsessed trying to prove , honestly I have no idea what your trying to prove other than you're right and everyone else is wrong.

And of course I can PP the D7000 image or play with the raw file to get a much better shot than these posted. No one is saying that you can't. So you PP this and reposting is pretty pointless unless you just feel a need to do it for some reason.

This just appears to me to be a time wasting trap/game, I'm done playing. Use whatever camera you want and/or believe there is no difference, I simply don't care.

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