Why I love my D200

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Re: Why I love my D200

Pangloss wrote:


That's the second time in this thread you suggest that another poster doesn't know how to use in-camera histograms to get proper exposure: you did that with me a few posts above and now you are doing it with Stacey.

I hope you realize that is both unpleasant and pathetic.

I agree - not using +/-EV Compensation and the on-board histogram to avoid over-exposure is an example of poor camera usage. I wouldn't call it pathetic.

To post an image (leave alone 2 images) with those features in a technical discussion, especially in a forum of users of professional grade DSLRs, is less than expected.

To call me names for drawing attention to a lack of technical skill or care in taking photos is unnecessary - I wouldn't call it pathetic, though.

It's true that highlighting the problem could be unpleasant for the people concerned so I will be careful to avoid giving offense, because I am not trying to do that.

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