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Re: From the Art Director

santamonica812 wrote:

I think your mistake was forgetting to include some sample images yourself. The less clear (or, the more open to interpretation) a challenge theme is, the more necessary it is to include some samples...at least, if you as the host are looking for specific types of photographs. If you had done this, I suspect that many entrants would have been able to use those samples as rough guidelines and you would have ended up with a lot more entries that were what you were looking for.

p.s. I quite liked your idea for the challenge.

I will have to disagree. As an ArtisticD, you do not give samples, mainly because you are looking for creativity and original ways to make a statement. I do not know if you ever participated in Jezsik's challenges, which I do recommend you, they are great fun, one learns a lot and by doing you get to drive thru the twists and turns to get 'the job' as the ArtisticD's  Photographer.

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