Camera Wiith Video as Priority

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Re: Camera Wiith Video as Priority

Hi there plasma. I am no guru but i tend to look for the best performance per dollar myself so perhaps i can help.A GH2 is not bad for hybrid use, but as you say are not as common anymore. Dedicated video cameras are so much better for video but stills usually are poor. What we need to know is your intended use for the photos. Here's why.

Last night i captured a frame from a video taken with my $750 camcorder. Very sharp 1080p with high shutter speed, so there was minimal blurr. Now if i was going to print this would be insufficient, but for things like fb or email, text msg ect, it really wasnt bad. If you plan to crop or print, screen captures wont work. If you only need photos for digital viewing, get the dedicated video system and capture frames for photos.

Now as for the purchase, you cannot beat the BM pocket cam for $1000. Period. It is beyond everything else. Problem is you will need to buy lenses too. It also isn't out till july. If it is beyond your budget, go for the Panasonic 3mos camcorders, they have great IQ. This is all my own opinion and others may suggest a DSLR. Google is your friend though, so is B&H. Check MFT lens prices, those are the lenses the BM cam takes. See if you can afford it, it will be my next video purchase.

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