DxOMark : Ricoh GR lens Vs Nikon coolpix A lens

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Re: DxOMark : Ricoh GR lens Vs Nikon coolpix A lens

and why nobody wonders why exactly these cameras are twins.

I think, although everybody is comparing like crazy, these two cameras are actually made by the same people. First the Nikon released to the market at a higher price and then a second batch with Ricoh on it. Then the Nikon lowers the price a little and there you go.

I am beginning to see a pattern that is actually rather clever. Especially considering the niche market with its typical brand loyalties. If I would invest in a 28mm supercompact I would do exactly this. Its also a lot better to gain market share for the two with a little bit of a "battle".

These two compacts came to the market in a joint effort. I add, I don't mind.


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