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Mjankor wrote:

Fleabag wrote:

Your second shot is a good example of what I am talking about. Yes you have a BIF but in my opinion there is too much noise in the image. Example is under the wing. Just to get 1/800 which for a lot of birds is too slow, you had to crank the ISO up to 1250. It's because there is not suitable lens for birding unless all of your shots are at close range. Can't really do that in the wild. A 300mm lens at 6.8 will have difficulty focusing when the light is low, I've tried it and had to send the lens back. It just would not work. Not so say you can't pull out some shots, but as a system the EM-5 falls way short.


So now it's not the camera, it's the lack of 300mm f2.8's or similar lenses. Move those goalposts.

As I would rarely carry a 300mm f2.8, I fail to see its benefit to me. I certainly wouldn't be carrying one while meandering around town, so you're "solution" would result in no Macaw photos.

There's no issues focussing the 75-300 in low light. It will happily focus very quickly down to light below usable level. (eg, sunset).

Now, If you're a dedicated birder, then I would not recommend the EM5. There are better options. If you are a dedicated birder though, then that's not an excuse to be a snob about it. Not everyone is interested in spending upwards of $10k on a fun hobby, and the big long glass that you think birding requires is not actually very convenient a lot of the time. You work to the limitations of your equipment. In the case of the 75-300, it's a bright light lens.

PS. If you like I could post tiny size photos instead. Noise all gone.

Not trying to be a snob, didn't think my post would be popular. I guess my response is an extension of the many posts I have seen saying the EM-5 and micro 4/3's in general can do BIF.  Well it can and it can't. Depends. If you want general shots, then sure... Yes I do have the EM-5 and E-5 w/  300f2.8 and IMO the EM5 sucks for birding. I do hope however that Olympus will release something that let's me extend the life of my lens.

As far as specifics the EM-5 with it's mirror black out issues makes it very difficult to keep up with fast flying birds. Try a falcon or a fast moving duck against a background. The issue with the focus box is that it is too big to focus on an eye for example with out have to mess around with the camera. It's also too small IMO and it's not easy keeping it still vs. something larger. There is more.

Regarding the 75-300, I bought two of them, had to send both back because they would not meet my needs. Too slow. Both of them were taken out to the field and both at 300 mm in lower light could not reliably obtain focus on moving objects (birds). Not to say it couldn't lock, but way way too many lost shots. Now if I pulled the lens back to around 150mm then things improved, but my subjects were too far for 150mm.

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