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Very nice!

Craig from Nevada wrote:

windsprite wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

Introducing the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x – improved performance and versatility for professional sports and wildlife photographers.

This lens was announce this week and will sell for $11,800.

Is this thing twice as good as the 90-250mm, which retails new for about one-half this price?

That's not the question.  The question is:  will enough people buy the lens for Canon to make an acceptable profit?  Their marketing experts seem to think so.

I'm no Canon fan, but let's give the devil his due:  they make bodies that convince people to spring for expensive lenses.


Julie--the question is why invest in FT?  The answer for me is value.

Other people obviously have different answers and if they have a different answer and can spring for $12k they can have the aforementioned lens.


I managed to purchase a mint 90-250mm from a reputable dealer for $2,900.   and I have enough change left over to take a trip to use it with plenty still left in the bank.

Nice!  That's a great deal for such a great lens!  Personally, I consider it a failing of FF to not have a 180-500 / 5.6 IS.  Tamron makes a 200-500 / 5.6-6.3, but it lacks USM and IS, and is not optically on par with the Canon's supertelephotos.

I give Canon their due but not my money.  It is better invested elsewhere.

Everyone chooses based on their specific needs.

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