why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

tomtom50 wrote:

GaryW wrote:

My concern is what tomtom50 posted about - past about f2, it just won't make much difference, at least for light-gathering power, on APS-C sensors. I guess that leaves DOF, or is that reduced as well?  If an f1.2 lens does no better than a f1.8 lens, I'd rather pay less for the 1.8.

Having said that, how does f1.2 work on the Nikon1 if it doesn't work on APS-C?  (Tomtom?)

That is the question, isn't it?

The Sony 35mm f1.4 lens works pretty well on the a900 (T1.6) and not so well on the a380 (T2.2). Yet Sony is happy to sell it as an alpha lens to all alpha owners (and NEX., since they sell adapters).

I guess it is buyer beware, except how is a typical buyer to know?

As for DOF, the same problem applies. The more angled rays that are lost come from the outside of the lens, so not only do you get less light you get deeper DOF. Oh well.

How does the Nikon f1.2 work on the 1? Who knows. Maybe as poorly as te Sony 35mm f1.4 works on the a380. Maybe better on the 10MP Nikon1 than the 14MP or vice versa. Maybe Nikon took this into account in the sensor design and it will work well.

One problem is, the manufacturers (according to articles) actually spoof the ISO, so you can't easily tell from the settings.  You actually have to analyze the noise level of the resulting photo.  (Hmm, maybe DOF could be analyzed as well.)  There are going to be those who will never think there's a problem.

But, I suspect that lens design should be able to mitigate this to some extent, if not sensor design.  Why not?  Part of the problems are adapting FF lenses to APS-C, right?

The RX-100 has a pretty wide aperture on a smaller sensor, and that does seem to help produce photos with less noise than the Nex.

Perhaps the f1.2 will work fine on the N1, but one has to wonder whether or not if it is diminishing returns before that point....

The problem is that we cannot count on the manufacturers to tell us about this. Sony seems perfectly happy to sell 35mm f1.4 lenses to a380n owners without warning them. Would Nikon be more careful?

They work as lenses.  

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