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Re: Definitely invest in ZD glass

Keith Hatfull wrote:

TrapperJohn wrote:

I expect the current 4/3 bodies will retain their value for the immediate, for the people who really prefer that form factor. Based on my experience with OMD and ZD... if the AF speed were fixed (which it will be), if the new, larger, sharper VF goes into it (which it will), and if a slightly larger battery grip with slightly larger buttons were added (which it probably will be), the majority of 4/3 owners will probably find the result to be a most adequate upgrade from the E5, putting a state of the art sensor behind their superb lenses.

Nothing replaces HG or SHG ZD, though. Not at the current prices.

All I really care about is the AF speed.  Just make my lenses work, that's all.  Hell, I'll have a custom grip machined if I think the body is too small

A long time ago I posted a reply about  a "modular system":

  • Three m/43 base units in the vein of the E-620, E-30, E-5...increasing resolution, features, weather sealing.  Something just a tad larger than the new E-P5.  Of course, with an adapter that full enabled the ZD glass.
  • Add on EVFs, maybe two, one lower resolution (cheaper) and one very high resolution (more expensive), very fast refresh.
  • Add on grips, maybe two, one smaller with no battery support, one larger to balance the larger ZD glass that has battery support.

You could mix and match what you needed for the lens being used at the time.

Using the ZD50-200?  Throw on the EVF and large battery grip.

Want to use a light m4/3 prime?  Dump all the extras and just go commando with the base unit.

Maybe that's the "beautiful new system"

Maybe I'm a prophet

Maybe I'm full of @#$%

That sounds ideal the only thing extra might be that the 4/3 adapter would be more than a normal "adapter" as far as the mechanical interface to be able to solidly support the larger 4/3 lenses. Maybe some kind of external bayonet like the old exakta cameras had?

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