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Re: Monitor Choice, Graphic Card, etc... :(

The Dell U2413 you mention is a very good monitor.  You should know that it is a wide gamut model which demands a solid understanding of color management best practices and advanced editng and viewing software to implement it.  I'd also recommend that you obtain a hardware calibrator, more so with using a wide gamut monitor.


Other similar wide gamut monitors are the NEC PA241w but it is borderline on your budget of $700.

ASUS makes a wide gamut PA246Q which is very similar to the Dell U2410.... very very similar!  (I subscribe to the theory that the OEM division of ASUS makes the monitors for Dell).

Otherwise there are a number of standard sRGB gamut 24" models out there.  The new NEC P242w is probably the best of the lot.  The HP ZR2440w is also very good.  Then there is the Dell U2412M.  I have one and for my use it is fine.

Another point to be aware of is that almost all of the monitors with an IPS panel of 24" and smaller below $400 USD in cost are actually 6bit monitors that use an AFRC (Advanced Frame Rate Control) technique to simulate an 8bit color depth of 16.7 million colors.  Should this be a concern?  Depends on how advanced you are in terms of awareness of issues pertaining to bit depth and the software tools you use to edit and if you carefully use a hardware calibrator.  With the latest generation of AFRC, the main issue of banding is not that big an issue if what a number of the reviews state is true.

Check out these review sites:

I’m not trying to hijack this thread, but on the topic of these 24” – I see the Dell U2410 doesn’t rate as well on the PRAD site as the ASUS or the newer Dell U2412M.  I’m personally a bit put off by dropping this kind of money on a *new* monitor after I not too long ago I finally stepped up to a LCD (not an IPS and on the more entry level end of the spectrum at that) and getting what I presume is another 6 bit panel regardless of how good the AFRC is.

My interest in an IPS was sparked by a new camera that shoots 14bit RAW files and editing those in Adobe Lightroom.  As you mention though – I am NOT really familiar with color science.   I’m not currently using a color profile in Photoshop, etc. It’s frankly a bit beyond my game with it all.  I do need to get up to speed on all of that I suppose. I’ve got a fairly decent card I think to drive a better performance monitor; nVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

Is it a waste of money for me to buy one of these if I’m not super serious about the ‘color science’ behind it all and maybe I’m just interested for the time being in editing the 14bit RAW files on a better monitor?  Maybe it’s something that I will learn more about as I go along.  I’m possibly attending a Canon seminar this weekend on their printers as a matter of fact that might enlighten me to matching output better, etc.

I’m leaning toward the old school 8bit panels personally on this if I even do it.  Is the backlighting technology on those going to be a disappointment for the money?  I don’t care about how thick it is really if it works well enough – maybe I’m not assessing the priority of the correct attributes, but it seems the big deal about the new Dell is the hot tech backlighting it has over the older generations (beyond the improved panel).  I’m not dropping that kind of money though for sure.  These older ones are at least coming off their original retail prices right about now with the new tech coming to the market.

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