Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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Re: problems with m42...

Ari Aikomus wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

Tape should solve the problem of shorting contracts

Yep,. Tape is excellent solution for 600$ speedbooster

You can use m42 lenses easier with 400$ C/Y-speedbooster.

The same optical quality.

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I am a bit puzzled here.  Standard M42 adapters don't have electrical contacts as the lenses are MF only. Some newer ones come with "dandelion" contacts to allow the Canon dslr bodies to invoke their phase detect focus response.  This is only to get the Canon dslr to work focus indication with a M42 lens fitted.  I agree that it is not a good idea to personally test out a dandelion equipped adapter on a Speed Booster - at your own risk I guess. However, as already noted, the M42 is always manual focus and no AF Speed Booster could ever be made, same for the MF PK mount lenses.

At best you get to mount them and use the Speed Booster in MF mode.  So if there is little point in an "expensive" version of the SB I heartily agree, but that was not the question, the question was basically a complaint that there was no Speed Booster for PK and M42 lenses.

If it is only "the cost" then this is another matter.  I cannot help there.

I merely pointed out that the Canon EF Speed Booster does work in MF mode with the M42 mount adapter to Canon EF - of course I use an adapter not fitted with dandelion contacts, they can still be bought.  I did buy the SB for use with EF lenses so any other use to which it can be used is simply a bonus.

I also noted that whilst it might be possible to get AF PK mount lenses to work with the Speed Booster design it also requires knowledge of or reverse engineering the contacts and firmware of the Pentax interface.  No little feat.  Presumably Metabones and their helpers have other things more pressing on their plate such as getting the Speed Booster to auto-focus with all Canon EF lenses made.

I only share a surname with the designer of the Speed Booster.

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Tom Caldwell

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