Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

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JeanPierre Martel wrote:

draleks wrote:
Right, I see what you mean. But what if I mount the MFT lens on an MFT body and the FF lens on an FF body? Will the IQ be comparable then?

There is a relation between sensor size and IQ. Everybody knows that large-sensor compacts and mirrorless cameras take better images than compacts with tiny sensors.

Of course - assuming the tech is equally old. Where I am the cheapest FF is twice as expensive as the most expensive MFT so not everybody will not be able to upgrade every second year. An OM-D EM-6 or even EM-7 vs Nikon D600 is not necessarily an unfair comparison.

So FF cameras have a slightly wider dynamic range (IQ) than m4/3 cameras. It was very obvious with first generation of m4/3 cameras: it's less obvious with the latest ones, but that's still true, even today.

Theoretically, the same should be true when m4/3 cameras are compared to APS-C cameras. But there is a controversy about that. Because all our lenses are state-of-the-art lenses, made during the last few years, they are all good and, sometimes, exceptionally good. That blurs the gap in such an extend that we can say that the IQ in a camera like the OM-D, is as good or better than some reflex cameras.

Thanks for your answer!

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