New Canon Rebel closing the gap on M4/3s

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Re: EF-S lenses

The 17-55, 15-85, 10-22 are all very nice lenses, also there are some small EF lenses (e.g. 40/2.8) that are good too. Plus I'm sure some more will be along, Canon's been very busy churning out EF-C and EF-M lenses plus updating a bunch of the EF lenses, they design a lot of lenses so I'm sure new EF-S ones will pop out in the coming months, plus not sure what is missing beyond a couple of small primes. (For longer lenses the crop factor compensates for the extra size, plus it's not like there are any really good m43 lenses longer than the 35-100.)

Also there is some suggestion this isn't the same 18MP sensor as before, will be interesting to see.

I'm not at all sure it's supposed to be a m43 competitor, just a handy small camera for anyone who wants one with a huge system of lenses and accessories backing it up.

I'm happy with my GH3 purchase still, but Canon make some nice kit too...

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